A Whitepaper introducing LINQ can be found here.

The LINQ® Platform enables organisations to understand how information flows fuel their business; and gain insights about how improving Information Supply Chains can be a catalyst for business transformation.

LINQ allows your organisation to understand and then master your own information flows. This isn’t a technical challenge; this is a change challenge. By presenting information flow using powerful visualisations, non-technical executives can take a leadership role in improving these information supply chains and embarking on meaningful business transformation.

There are many parallels between the LINQ Platform and the Toyota Production System (TPS). TPS revolutionised the manufacturing process by identifying and mitigating seven areas of wastage in the car production process.


Your organisation manufactures knowledge – your Information Supply Chains are converting data into actionable insights to better serve your customers, meet your regulatory commitments and compete effectively in the marketplace. By mastering information flow, LINQ offers the opportunity to make your Knowledge Manufacturing 50% more productive

Sitting above your specialist business tools, LINQ enables the conversation between everyone in the business so that the understanding of what to transform, why it is necessary and what the expected outcomes are is understood by all involved.