Action Nodes Describe:

• Information Processing or Information Handling steps along the Information Supply Chain
• Groups of Actions, Information, People and Systems (i.e. a minimised LINQ Set)
• An Organisation (since that is a group of Actions, Information, People and Systems)

Ask Yourself:

• “Am I capturing at an appropriate level of detail?”  (LINQ aims to capture at a holistic level appropriate to support decision making – if you need a finer level of detail, a Business Process Modelling tool might be more appropriate)
• “Am I thinking like LINQ or thinking in Business Process terms?” (Although an Information Supply Chain appears similar to a Business Process Map / Model, it is actually significantly different.)

Don’t be Distracted by:

• Business Processes; only consider actions that are processing information
• Transactional Processes; think about the FLOW of information which transactions enable
• Decision boxes;  see Decision Box Article