Information Nodes Describe:

• Information entities that contribute to the flow of information across Information Supply Chain
• A range of Information Types such as paper, files, database layers, services and applications

Ask yourself:

• “Does this represent a step along the Information Supply Chain?”
• “Is this really the source Information?  What creates that Information or Where does it come from?”
• “Is this really the end piece of Information?  What business outcomes is it supporting or who is the customer?”

Don’t be distracted by:

• The transactional information entities (if you’re interested in that level of detail, Enterprise Architect is a better tool)
• Individual data entities such as fields in a table or pages in a report
• The ‘container’ for information such as a filing cabinet, a DBMS or a supporting application;  these are all better described as the System that is providing the Information
• QA loops – these don’t contribute to the flow of Information