LINQ Explorer

  1. The Top Bar to access Canvas, Dashboards and Settings
  2. The Gallery Tabs to access different categories of Gallery content
  3. The Gallery content
  4. An expanded Gallery item
  5. The LINQ Explorer list
  6. LINQ Explorer detailed metadata

LINQ Canvas

  1. Top Bar to access Explorer and Dashboards
  2. Sketch name and Explorer dropdown
  3. View Bar to access Save, Share and Publish options
  4. Navigator / Adjacent / Upstream / Downstream (NAUD) Panel Tool Bar (explained in more detail below)
  5. Canvas Tool Bar (explained in more detail below)
  6. Panel Visibility Bar (All greyed out in this example because all panels are visible)
  7. Properties Panel
  8. Cog to access Custom Properties
  9. Find Panel
  10. Visualisation Panel
  11. Canvas
  12. Node Palette
  13. Hints and Warnings Panel
  14. Insight bar to access Savings Potential and Cost Allocation
  15. Top Bar to access Account, Administration, Help and Support
Canvas Tool Bar

NAUD Panel Tool Bar

  1. NAUD Option Dropdown
  2. Set canvas selection to nodes visible in the NAUD Panel
  3. Export Image of the NAUD Panel
  4. Maximise NAUD Panel
  5. Minimise NAUD Panel
  6. Zoom in
  7. Reset Zoom
  8. Zoom out
  9. Fit Content
  10. Dismiss NAUD Panel