LINQ is an Information Flow Modelling platform.  The Information Flow Model was invented by LINQ in order to model the enterprise in a way that informed both Business Leaders and Technology Teams.  The LINQ model is shown here:

A key aspect of the LINQ model is that there is a natural language which can be used to describe the enterprise in a way that is accessible to Business Leaders:

  • A System is used by a Person to perform an Action which creates Information
  • Excel is used by Jamie to perform Analysis which createsReport

  • A System provides Information which is used to support an Action which creates Information
  • A Filing Cabinet provides Paper Records which are used to support Scanning which creates File Records

It always helps to use this natural language when capturing an Information Supply Chain - this will help you to 'Think like LINQ'


This natural language is a key differentiation between LINQ and other models of the enterprise which require specialist interpretation to understand.