You can share entire LINQ sketches by sending a complete copy of your sketch with other people either within your organisational account or with registered LINQ users in another LINQ domain. Please note that when you share in this way all information is shared, including any that you might consider sensitive (Hourly Rates, Custom Fields etc)

1) Open the sketch you wish to share

2) Select the "SHARE" dropdown menu item at the top of the screen and then "SEND A COPY..."

3) You can then choose to share your sketch with registered LINQ users with your organisational account or externally.

To share within your account (INSIDE ORGANISATION)


As soon as you start typing the name of the person with whom you wish to share the sketch, the LINQ platform will start filtering the valid users and allow you to select your target.

Just click on the name you want and it will show up underneath the user name field

You can then go back and search for more users and select them as many times as you need.  Once you've got all the users that you want to share with, you have the option to add a note (this will be added to the email that informs these users that that they have received a sketch) and the press the SEND button.

Press DONE to return to the active sketch.

To share with another LINQ user in another LINQ account (OUTSIDE ORGANISATION)

When you share to a LINQ account outside your organisation the automatic filtering and read ahead of details is disabled due to security constraints.  This option may also not appear due to your organisations security rules around sharing of information externally. Please talk to your LINQ administrator if you don't see this option but need to share outside your organisation.

You will need to know two things to share a sketch successfully:

1) The full LINQ custom domain in the format

2) The email address of the registered LINQ user you wish to send the sketch to


When you have typed the customer domain the system will validate that it exists and put a tick next to the field

Once the domain is validated you can type the email address of the intended recipient - this will also be validated as a registered LINQ user account.  Click on the PLUS sign to add the recipient to the list of accounts you wish to share with.

Once you have repeated this step to add all the target recipients, you can then add a note (this will be included in the notification email that the recipient receives informing them that a sketch has been received) and press SEND

Press DONE to return to the active sketch.