Creating your LINQ account

Once you have received your invitation email to log into LINQ, use this guide to update your Organisation details and create your user accounts.

Step 1: Follow the link included in your Welcome to LINQ email and set your password as per the guidance offered:

Step 2: Sign in to your account using the password you just created

Step 3: From the cog in the top right hand corner, select Organisation Settings. This will allow you to update contact details for your Organisation

Step 4: Again from the cog, select User Management. This is the screen which will enable you to add new users to your account.

Step 5: Use the CREATE USER option to add another user to your LINQ account.  You will need to chose their level of access; Administrators can create new users, Users cannot. Roles can be changed at a later date if necessary. Users outside of your Organisation will be created as Guests. This process will send an invitation email to the created user, who will also need to set a password in order to access their account.

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