Connection Tips - People using Systems to Perform an Action

In LINQ, People or Systems can perform actions. Systems automate an Action and Systems are used by People to perform an Action. In the majority of cases, People use a System to perform and Action and this logic is supported through the LINQ methodology. An exception to this may be a meeting, where People meet and Information is created as a result, without the direct use of a System.

When capturing People using a System to perform an Action, the rule base is managed by LINQ. You cannot connect the Person and the System to the same Action node:


The correct way of documenting this relationship is to connect the Person to the Action and the System to the Person:


The dashed connection between System and People denotes "Used By" so the language of this construct is the Financial System is Used By the Financial Controller to perform the Create Invoice Action.

This logic allows LINQ to record the slice of the Person and System needed to perform the Action, and this information is presented through the People Dashboard.

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