Copy & Paste between Sketches

You've just spent the day building Information Supply Chains for a part of your organisation and you've realised that one part of your work is an excellent start point for another part of your organisation. How do you make use of that content to start a new sketch? It's simple - you select the content you are interested in, you copy it, you navigate to your new sketch and you paste that content in.

Copy and paste works across sketches as well as within your current sketch. It even works across browser tabs, so if you have many tabs open, with a different sketch open in each, and you have edit access to those sketches, copy and paste will work.

Step 1 - find the content that you want to copy in your sketch, select it and copy (use the toolbar button, or the Ctrl-C shortcut).

  • If you select an expanded Value LINQset, everything inside the Value LINQset will be selected and copied 
  • If you select a collapsed Value LINQset, all content associated with the Value LINQset will be selected and copied 
  • If you have Custom Properties defined against nodes in your sketch, they will be copied too.


Step 2 - identify where you want to paste this content and paste (use the toolbar button, or the Ctrl-V shortcut).

  • You can navigate to a different sketch through Explorer, open it and paste 
  • You can create a new sketch and paste You can open a new browser tab, navigate to an existing sketch and paste 
  • Any custom attributes will be pasted too


Save and you're ready to continue your editing.

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